Heptones - Dub Dictionary (1968)



01. Get In The Groove Dub
02. Party Time Dub
03. Love Won't Come Dubbing
04. You've Turned Away Dub
05. Ting A Ling Dub Wise
06. Pretty Looks Version
07. Purple Light Dub
08. We Are In The Dub Mood
09. Be A Man Dub Style
10. Mama In Dub
11. Choice Of Dub Black And White
12. Everybody Is Dubbing
13. Sea Of Dub
14. Book Of Ruleing Dub
15. Love Without Feeling Dub
16. One Step In Dub
17. Nine Pound Of Dub
18. Pure Sorrow Dub Rhythm
19. Meaning Of Dub
20. Born To Dub You

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