Dub Spencer And Trance Hill - Live In Dub (2013)

01. Im Westen nichts Neues
02. Rasta Pasta
03. A Fistful of Dub
04. Black Princess Lady
05. Armagideon Time
06. This Is England
07. Lychee
08. Goboi
09. Trance on Hill
10. Too Big to Fail
11. London Calling
12. Supercops
13. Ethopian Dub
14. Dub Cup (Victor Rice Remix)
15. When I Fall in Love (Victor Rice Remix) [feat. Ken Boothe]
16. A Fistful of Dub (Victor Rice Remix)
17. London Calling (Victor Rice Remix)
18. Smoke on the Water (Victor Rice Remix)
19. The World Is Dub Enough (Victor Rice Remix)


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