Kiddus I - Topsy Turvy World (2013)

01. Trying
02. Another Day
03. Topsy Turvy Old World
04. Road Of Life
05. Teach Me Right
06. Tell Me What You Know
07. Special Way
08. Life Is A Riddim
09. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
10. It's Not Over
11. Changes
12. Better Will Come
13. Wild Child


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Original Roots Reminder 13 de maio de 2013 08:11  

Ites Brother !

I didn't want to Up this one cause too fresh album but I must say it's really a KILLER ROOTS.

A Very Good Album Kiddus deliver us...

Thx for sharing...

juninhorootsbahia 14 de maio de 2013 00:45  

oi brother estou criando coragem para voltar postar reggae roots na veia parcero. jah bless

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