I Kong - The Way It Is (2006)



Musicians for I Kong - The Way It Is
Backing Vocals: Judy Mowatt, Anicia Banks, Candy McKenzie, Orville Wood, Beres Hammond, Prilly Hamilton, Winston Wright
Bass: Aston "familyman" Barrett, Val Douglas, Geoffry Chung
Drums: Mikey "Boo" Richards, Phill Callendar
Guitar: Geoffry Chung
Lead Guitar: Mikey Chung, Stephan "cat" Coore, Geoffry Chung
Rhythm Guitar: Bunny "Rugs" Clarke, PhilCallendar, Geoffry Chung
Horns: McCook, Herman Marquis
Piano: Earl "Wia" Lindo, Robert Lyn, Winston Wright, Pablove Black, Mikey "the Cooper"
Organ: Earl "wia" Lindo, Robert Lyn & Geoffrey Chung
Percussion: Noel "Scully" Simms, Isiah "Sticky" Thompson, Orville Wood
Congos: Irvin "carrot" Jarret
Funde: Leroy Mattis, Cedric "Im" Brooks, Orville Wood, Bros.Charley, Golding
Clarinet: Mikey "Ibo" Cooper, Robert Lyn, Winston Wright

Production for I Kong - The Way It Is

Recorded At: Harry J Studios, Lee Perry's Black Ark Studio
Engineered By: Sylvan Morris, Jerome Francisque, Lee Perry, Geoffry Chung, P. Zadie

01 - Ghetto Cry
02 - Life's Road
03 - Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
04 - Babylon Walls
05 - Set Black People Free
06 - Sinner Man
07 - I Wish (We'll All Be Ready)
08 - The Way It Is
09 - Life's Road Dub
10 - Babylon Walls Dub
11 - Set Black People Free Dub
12 - Sinner Man Dub
13 - I Wish (We'll All Be Ready) Dub
14 - The Way It Is Dub
15 - Love Was Dub

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