Johnny Osbourne & Lone Ranger backed by Soul Stereo Sound - Live U-CLub Wuppertal 13-04-2013


Recorded by: IRIE BOOTLEG
In: Germany, Wuppertal U-Club

01-Lone Ranger - Style And Fashion
02-Lone Ranger - I've Got The Handle - Uptown Style ( I Hold The Handle Riddim)
03-Lone Ranger - Prison Oval Rock (Prison Oval Rock Riddim)
04-Lone Ranger - Mine Yuh Mouth - My Number (Bobby Babylon Riddim)
05-Lone Ranger - Can't Stand It (Hot Milk Riddim)
06-Johnny Osbourne - Rock It Tonight (Heavenless Riddim)
07-Johnny Osbourne - In The Area - What A La La (Stalag Riddim)
08-Johnny Osbourne - Little Sound Boy (Far East Riddim)
09-Johnny Osbourne - Yo Yo (Solomon Riddim)
10-Johnny Osbourne - Reason (Taxi Riddim)
11-Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love (He Prayed Riddim)
12-Johnny Osbourne - Water Pumping (Water Pumping Riddim)
13-Johnny Osbourne - I Miss U So (Stop The Fussing And Fighting Riddim)
14-Johnny Osbourne - Truths And Rights (Take A Ride Riddim)
15-Johnny Osbourne - Jah Promise (Jah Promise Riddim)
16-Johnny Osbourne - Can't Leave Jah Alone (Solomon Riddim)
17-Johnny Osbourne - On The Right Track (I Need You Riddim)
18-Johnny Osbourne - Purify Your Heart (Purify Your Heart Riddim)
19-Johnny Osbourne - Rock And Come In (Drifter Riddim)
20-Johnny Osbourne - Bad Boy (Chase Vampire Riddim)
21-Johnny Osbourne - Buddy Bye (Sleng Teng Riddim)
22-Johnny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound - Lend Me Chopper (Real Rock Riddim)

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