Gregory Isaacs – Dub Versions [Deluxe Edition] (2014)


01. Stranger In Town (In Dub)
02. Sad To Know (You're Leaving) (In Dub)
03. Soon Forward (In Dub)
04. WWW.Love.Com (In Dub)
05. Cool Down The Pace (In Dub)
06. John Public (In Dub)
07. Night Nurse (In Dub)
08. Love Me With Feeling (In Dub)
09. One More Time (In Dub)
10. Loving Pauper (In Dub)
11. Once Ago (In Dub)
12. Extra Classic (In Dub)
13. Rasta Business (In Dub)
14. My Religion (In Dub)
15. Party in the Slum (In Dub)
16. Don't Pity Me (In Dub)
17. Uncle Joe (In Dub)
18. Black A Kill Black (In Dub)
19. Word Of The Farmer (In Dub)
20. Mr. Cop (In Dub)
21. Unhappy Departure (In Dub) (Bonus Track)

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