The Maytones Feat. Vernon Buckley - Natural Feeling (1987)



01. Settle Down Woman
02. Settle Me Dub
03. I Remember
04. Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand
05. Mr. Postman - Dub
06. Every Time That I See You
07. How Can I Refuse A Love Like Yours
08. Give Me A Chance To Prove My Love
09. Make Up Your Mine - Dub
10. Oh Girl
11. Broke Pocket Boops
12. Broke Pocket Dub

Distributed By: Allyson Records
Distributed By: I & I Sound

Engineer: Barnabas, Scientist
Executive Producer: Gorge Lloyd Davis, Raphael Phorp
Music By: The Revolutionaries, The Roots Radics
Producer: A. Doeman
Producer: Written-By – Vernon Buckley

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