Gussie P Meets Roots Radics - Gussie P Meets Roots Radics (2006)



Backing Vocals: Edi Fitzroy, Bobby Melody
Bass: Flabba Holt
Drums: Style Scott
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pinkney
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Keyboards: Latty Guzang
Horns: Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, Deadly Headley
Piano: Gladdy Anderson
Organ: Steely
Percussion: Bongo Herman, Skully, Latty Guzang

01. Chant It Part 2 (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
02. Chat It Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
03. Informer Part 2 (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
04. Informer Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
05. Young Girl Part 2 (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
06. Young Girl Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
07. Dreadlocks Party Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
08. Work On Mr. Farmer Part 2 (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
09. Work On Mr. Farmer Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
10. Drewsland Rock Part 2 (Feat. Vincent George Hanson)
11. Drewsland Rock Dub (Feat. Vincent George Hanson)
12. Wood For The Fire Part 2 (Feat. Vincent George Hanson)
13. Wood For The Fire Dub (Feat. Vincent George Hanson)
14. People Dem A Suffer Part 2 (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
15. People Dem A Suffer Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
16. Skully Ting A Ling (Feat. C.S. Dodd; Leroy Sibbles)
17. Check For You Once Dub (Feat. Edi Fitzroy)
18. Cheer Up Dub (Feat. Vincent George Hanson)

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