Klearview Harmonix - Those Were The Days Vol. 01 (1992)


Vocals: Klearview Harmonix
Bass: Black Steel
Lead Guitar: Black Steel
Rhythm Guitar: Black Steel
Keyboards: Black Steel
Alto Sax: Winston Saxton Rose
Tenor Sax: Winston Saxton Rose
Drum Programming: Drummie, E. Francis
Clarinet: Winston Saxton Rose

Produved By: Tex Johnson
Recorded At: Progressive
Mixed By: Patrick Donnegan
Mixed At: Progressive
Engineered By: Patrick Donnegan

01. No Jestering
02. Evening News
03. Wanted Man
04. Hill And Gully
05. Margaret
06. Magga Dog
07. Mood For Love
08. Reggae In Your Jeggae
09. Margaret My Love
10. In The Mood For You

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