Michael Prophet - Lead Us Oh Jah (2006)



BACKED BY: Jazzwad, Mafia & Fluxy, Sly & Robbie, Ruffcut, Dalton Browne, Fish Brown, Winston Sax Rose, Niles, Bongo Herman
Production for Michael Prophet
MIXED BY: Dillie, Doctor Marshall, Gussie P, Bulby, Ron Tom

01. Lead Us Oh Jah
02. Trhe Righteous Move
03. Jah Is Calling
04. Jah Guide His People
05. Know Your Culture
06. The Prophet Rise Again
07. Pray To Jah
08. Again And Again
09. Give Thanks And Praise
10. I Am Jah Messenger
11. O Jah Jah
12. Hand Off
13. Ragna Part 2
14. The Prophet Rise Dub
15. One Love Mix (With Syvia Tella, Luciano, Prince Malachi)
16. Warning You

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