Fully Fullwood - Crazy Town (2013)


01. Crazy Town
02. Too Many Rivers
03. Freedom
04. Hush Hush
05. Chief Joseph
06. Moving to the Country feat. Rusty Zinn
07. You're Just a Bore (Feat. Rusty Zinn)
08. A Memory from Your Past (Feat. Deborah Jeter)
09. What a Fool Looks Like (Feat. Deborah Jeter)
10. Joy Stealer
11. Bad Times
12. Standing in the Rain (Feat. Adam Arredondo)
13. Give Me a Chance (Feat. Adam Arredondo)
14. One More Year (Feat. Deborah Jeter)
15. Crying At the Door (Feat. Deborah Jeter)
16. Kiss Me Goodbye
17. Smile
18. Flowing Into Your Ocean

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