Dr. Alimantado - Kings Bread (1979)



Backing Vocals: Heptones, Marcia Henry
Bass: Flabba
Drums: Barnabas, Sly
Lead Guitar: Bo Peep
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy
Horns: Bobby Ellis, Mark Kris, Vin Gordon, Deadly Headley
Piano: Easy Snappin, Dennis Fearon
Organ: Dennis Fearon
Percussion: Bongo Herman, Sky High, Tony, Scully

Produced By: JW Thompson
Recorded At: Channel One, Harry J
Engineered By: Maxie, Ernest Hoo Kim, Barnabas, Dr. Alimantdo, Sylvan Morris

01. Just Beacause A Bit Of Bread
02. Marcus Garvey School
03. Babylon Let It Go
04. Jah Loving Feeling
05. Jah Love Forever
06. Mama Mama
07. Conscious Man
08. Zion Steppers
09.  Find The One
10. Oh This World
11. Love Mama Mama Dub Chapter 2
12. Jah Love Forever Dub Chapter 2
13. Babylon Let It Go Dub Chapter 2

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