Third World - Live It Up (1995)




Vocals: Bunny Rugs, Cat Coore
Backing Vocals: Ibo Cooper, Richard Daley, Kadian Dixon, D Wisdom, Michelle Anderson
Bass: Richard Daley
Drums: William Stewart
Guitar: Cat Coore
Rhythm Guitar: Bunny Rugs
Keyboards: Ibo Cooper
Sax: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo
Trumpet: Chico, David Madden
Percussion: William Stewart

Produced By: Third World, Benji Myers, Germain, Rupert Bent Jr, Tappa Zukie
Recorded At: Couch, Main Street, Music Works, Grove, Leggo, Penthouse, Tuff Gong, Mixing Lab
Mixed By: Rupert Bent Jr, Mikey Small, Bulby, Fatta, Paul Hussey
Mixed By: Music Works, Mixing Lab, Couch
Engineered By: Corin Pennington, Paul Hussey, Rohan Richards, Bulby, Fatta, David Cole, Errol Brown, Shane Brown, Garfield, Robert Murphy, Geoffrey Chung

01. Open Up Your Eyes
02. Spare Me With The Blues Night (with Selvie Wonder)
03. Layla
04. Conversation
05. Magnet And Steel
06. Umbeyo
07. Live It Up
08. Times Hard (with Holy Ghost)
09. Getting On Fire
10. Love Divine
11. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (with Beenie Man)
12. Born In This Time

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