Louisa Markswoman Mark - Breakout (1981)



Vocals: Louisa Markswoman Mark
Backing Vocals: Louisa Markswoman Mark, Owen Gray, Dave Barker, Diego, Heptones
Bass: J Charles, B McKenzie, D Bovell, T Robinson
Drums: M Charles, Angus Gaye
Lead Guitar: Joe Charles, T Starr
Rhythm Guitar: Joe Charles, T Starr
Sax: Hughie Lascelles
Trombone: Rico, Vin Gordon, In Crowd
Piano: S Binns, Des Charles, T Robinson
Organ: Des Charles, D Bovell, S Binns
Percussion: Bushrangers
Congos: Jr. Bailey, Dragon
Synthesizer: S Binns, D Bovell, Des Charles
Flute: In Crowd
Clarinet: D Bovell, S Binns
Sitar: DD Patel

Produced By: Bushay, Lloyd Coxsone

01. People In Love
02. Moving Target
03. 6 Six Street
04. Baby Simone
05. Even Though You're Gone
06. Funny Guys
07. Keep It Like It Is
08. Dance And Feel Free
09. Reunited
10. He Used To Be My Man

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