Prince Alla - More Love (2002)



Bass: Steve Mosco
Drums: A. Millgate
Guitar: Jerry Lyons, Hughie Izachaar
Hornd: Crispy Horns
Piano: Steve Mosco
Organ: Steve Mosco
Percussion: Jerry Lyons, Jonah Dan
Flute: Richard Doswell

Produced By: Jah Warrior
Recorded At: Conscious Sounds

01. More Love
02. Don't Run Away
03. Children of Jericho
04. Writing On The Wall
05. Sun Is Shining
06. Jonah
07. I Hear A Voice
08. So Much Souls To Save
09. Open The Gate
10. Early This Morning
11. Good Morning Africa
12. Sensimilia
13. Our Father
14. Don't Cry

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