Twinkle Brothers - Don't Forget Africa (1992)



Vocals: Norman Grant
Backing Vocals: Norman Grant
Bass: Dub Judah, Demondo, Black Steel
Drums: Norman Grant, Earl Facey
Guitar: Dub Judah
Keyboards: Dub Judah, Greg Assing, Demondo
Percussion: Norman Grant
Violin: The Trebunia-Tutka Family
Cello: The Trebunia-Tutka Family

Produced By: Norman Grant
Recorded At: Polish Radio Recording Studio (Warsaw), Tonpress Studio (Warsaw)
Mixed By: Demondo
Mixed At: Remaximum

01. Don't Forget Africa
02. Human Independent
03. Jah Will Set You Free
04. The VAT Man
05. Walk Better Than Sit Down
06. What Do You Want
07. The Reality Of Jah Kingdom
08. The Sabbath Day
09. Speak The Truth
10. Everything I Do I Do It For Jah

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