Twinkle Brothers - Will This World Survive (2002)



Backing Vocals: Et Webster
Bass: Norman Grant, Jerry Lion & Dub Judah
Drums: Norman Grant
Lead Guitar: Black Steel
Rhythm Guitar: Ralston Grant
Keyboards: Norman Grant, Ralston Grant, Victor Cross & Greg Assin
Sax: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo Robinson
Trumpet: Chico Chin
Percussion: Norman Grant
Produced By: Norman Grant   Recorded At: Twinkle Recording Studio
Mixed By: Demondo  Engineered By: Norman Grant & Demondo

01. Glory Glory
02. This Is Judgement
03. Son Of Man
04. Solid Foundation
05. His Majesty's Teaching
06. Without Jah I Am Nothing
07. Man Oh Man
08. Weeping And Wailing
09. One Hundred And Forty Four Thousand
10. Will This World Survive
11. It's Not Right
12. Sad Songs
13. The Winner
14. Jah Will Bless You

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