Yabby You – Dread Prophecy - The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby You (2015)


Relatively unknown outside of the reggae music faithful, Yabby You, born Vivian Jackson, was a Jamaican vocalist and producer who worked in the mid- to late-'70s. With his long dreadlocks, his Rasta appearance meant he was an outcast with the Island's status quo set, but being an ardent Christian meant he was shunned by the Rastas. None of this helped his music career a bit, and after a few roots reggae hits he disappeared from the scene. Years later, his music was picked up and heralded by roots reggae addicts across the globe, and with this three-disc set, his legacy expands as Dread Prophecy comes with a highly desirable disc of true rarities. Disc one features the "classics" as signature roots numbers like "Conquering Lion" and Big Youth's DJ version "Yabby You" display how the man's music could be spiritual, hazy, and stately, and often all at once. A handful of lesser-known 12" mixes adds to the already essential first disc by stretching these grooves to proper, longer running times, then disc two presents "The Many Moods of Yabby You" as work with Trinity, King Tubby, and Jah Stitch brings Yabby the producer into focus, touching upon the genres of DJ, dub, and early dancehall. It's all the crucial stuff fan club members have collected before, but disc three is the unheard holy grail as undiscovered tapes left to Yabby's widow make their first public appearance. Exclusive dubplates recorded for Jamaica's touring sound systems are collected along with lost tapes for Yabby's album Unification, and if that weren't enough, the physical edition of the set comes with a 28-page booklet filled with rare photographs and enlightening essays. After the archival reggae label Blood and Fire went out of business it seemed Yabby's music would go from obscure to gone forever, but Dread Prophecy is a sea-change release, adding a wealth of new and wonderful material to the legacy.

CD 1

01. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Deliver Me From My Enemies
02. The Ralph Brothers And Vivian Jackson – Conquering Lion
03. Big Youth – Yabby You
04. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Anti-Christ
05. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Carnal Mind
06. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Run Come Rally
07. Yabby You And The Prophets – Jah Vengeance [12inch Mix]
08. Yabby You And King Tubby – Tubby’s Vengeance
09. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – One Love One Heart
10. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Pound Get A Blow
11. Vivian Jackson And The Prophets – Fire In Kingston
12. King Tubby – Fire Dub
13. The Prophets With Trinity – Chant Down Babylon Kingdom [12 Mix]
14. Yabby You And The Prophets – Beware Dub
15. The Prophets With Trinity – Give Thanks & Praise [12inch Mix]
16. Wayne Wade – Man Of The Living [12inch Mix]
17. Yabby You With Trinity – Free Africa [12inch Mix]
18. Tommy Mccook – Live Trap (Death Trap) [12inch Mix]
19. Vivian Jackson And The Defenders – Love Thy Neighbor

CD 2

01. Michael Prophet – Love & Unity-Mash Down Rome [12inch Mix]
02. The Prophets – Babylone A Fall [12inch Mix]
03. Yabby You – This Economical Crisis
04. Yabby You – Praise Jahoviah
05. Yabby You – Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail
06. Yabby You – Fleeing From The City
07. The Prophets All Stars – Love In Zimba (Zambia)
08. Yabby You With Trinity – Gwaan & Lef Me [12inch Mix]
09. Jah Stitch – Rock Man Soul
10. King Tubby – Love Of A Woman Dub
11. Yabby You – Get Lost Babylon [12inch Mix]
12. Pat Kelly – How Long
13. The Melodians – Stop Your Gang War
14. The Prophets – Blessed Are The Poor
15. Yabby You And The Prophets – Peace
16. Yabby You With King Tubby – Jah Mercies
17. Yabby You – Dreadlocks Man [7inch Single Mix]

CD 3

01. Willi Williams - Daughter Of Zion (Producer – Vivian Jackson, Willi Williams)
02. Patrick Andy - What A Sufferation (Prev. Unreleased)
03. Junior Brown - I Must Achieve What Is Mine
04. The Prophets - Words Of The Prophets
05. Bro Joe & The Rightful Bros - Freedom Of Life
06. Lenroy Swaby - We Want Our Liberty
07. Cleopatra Williams Whit Yabby You - Beyond The Hills
08. Yabby You Whit The Gladiators - Mercy & Truth (Prev. Unreleased)
09. Yabby You - Black Star Liner (12" Mix)
10. Yabby You - King Of Kings (Prev. Unreleased)
11. Prince Pompado - Education Fro Free (Prev. Unreleased)
12. Yabby You - Reggae Mek Ya Feel Alright (Prev. Unreleased)
13. U Brown - Natty Roots Man (Prev. Unreleased)
14. Half Pint - Unknown Title (Prev. Unreleased)
15. King Tubby - Oh City Of Zion + Zion Dub (Dub Plate)
16. Bro Joe & The Rightful Bros - Hail The Children
17. Alrick Forbes & Willi Williams - Warn The Nation Dub (Dub Plate)
18. King Tubby - Jah Vengeance Dub (Dub Plate)
19. Wayne Wade - Black Is Our Colour Dub (Dub Plate)
20. King Tubby - Run Come Raw Dub (Dub Plate)

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