Niney The Observer - At King Tubby's Dub Plate Specials 1973-1975 (2002)



Bass: George Fullwood, Robbie
Drums: Santa Davis, Sly Dunbar
Guitar: Chinna Smith, Tony Chin
Keyboards: Touter Harvey
Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook
Trombone: Vin Gordon
TrumpetT: Bobby Ellis

Produced By: Niney The Observer
Recorded At: Randy's Studio 17, Joe Gibbs, King Tubbys

01. Set Dub Free
02. Lately Dub
03. Dub With Tubby
04. Dub Exclusive
05. In Love With Dub
06. No More Dub
07. Here Comes Dub
08. Tenement Dub
09. Swallow Field & Dub
10. Dubbing With Sally
11. Dark Side Of Dub
12. Dub In Silver
13. Truthful Dub
14. Dub Born Here

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