The Justice League Of Zion - Discoverers (1993)




Backed By: D Harrow, Skip McDonald, Bubblers Ogilvie, Talvin Singh, Style, Reuben Moses
Vocals: Bim Sherman, Tembeka
Backing Vocals: Skip McDonald, Akabu, Tandeka

Produced By: Bim Sherman

01. Many Sharks In The Harbour
02. Sharks (Dub)
03. Power Of Confusion (Dub)
04. Confusion (Dub)
05. Beyond The Barrier
06. Barrier (Dub)
07. Hallelujah
08. Hallelujah (Dub)
09. Fight For Survival
10. Survival (Dub)
11. Madness
12. Madness (Dub)
13. Troubled Waters
14. Troubled (Dub)
15. Panic
16. Panic (Dub)
17. The Key To The Door
18. Winey Winey (Adapted)
19. Winey (Dub)

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