Jah Batta - Argument (1983)




Backed By: Roots Radics
Backing Vocals: Sugar Minott, Skattee
Bass: Robbie, Red Fox, Bagga
Drums: Sly, Fabian Cooke
Guitar: Jerry Harris, Owen Stewart
Keyboards: Owen Stewart, Jackie Mittoo
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Percussion: Ras Menilik

Produced By: Sugar Minott, Bullwackie
Recorded At: Wackies, Channel One
Engineered By: Bullwackie, Douglas Levy, Jr. Delahaye

01. No Meat
02. Ten To Seven
03. Argument
04. I Don't Want To Wait
05. Mi Black
06. Youthman School
07. Hold On Pon The Woman
08. Informa (Watch It)
09. Youthman Time
10. Out A Reach

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