The Chantells - Waiting In The Park (1975)




Bass: Lloyd Parks
Drums: Sly, Devon Richardson
Guitar: Ranchie, Bo Peep
Sax: Deadly Headley
Trombone: Vin Gordon
Trumpet: Chico
Piano: Bubbler Waul
Organ: Ansel Collins, Winston Wright
Percussion: Sticky Thompson
Synthesizer: Bubbler Waul

Produce By: Roy Francis
Recorded At: Joe Gibbs, Channel one
Remixed By: Errol Thompson
Remixed At: Joe Gibbs

01. Waiting In The Park
02. Man In Love
03. Children Of Jah
04. Desperate Time
05. Loving Stranger
06. Eva
07. Blood River
08. Rub Me Down
09. Natty Supper
10. Stumbling Block

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