Winston McAnuff - Nostradamus (2008)




Backing Vocals: Richie Mack, Lymie Murray, Clive Hunt
Bass: Anthony 'Giddeon' Bassie, Clive Hunt, Delroy Hamilton
Drums: Anthony Watson, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallce, Mark
Guitar: Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Gizmo
Keyboards: Ryan Smith, Lloyd Obeah Denton, Clive Hunt, Muctaru Wurie
Horns: Samuel Grant, Romeo Gray, Ian Hird, Faya Horns Section, (Eric 'Rico' Gaultier And Thommas Henning)
Piano: Ryan Smith, Lloyd Obeah Denton, Clive Hunt, Muctaru Wurie
Percussion: Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson, Bongo Herman, Clive Hunt, Cub1
Flute: Eric 'Rico' Gaultier

Produced By: Clive Hunt For Makasound
Recorded At: Tuff Gong, Harmony House, Mixing Lab, Harry J, KGB
Mixed By: K-Mille At KGB Studio For Flamm
Mixed At: Anchor Recording, KGB
Engineered By: Roland McDermott, Gree Morris, Fabian Francis, Oneil Smith, Carlos Allwood, Michael Howell, Steven Stewart, Carrot

01. Mix Up Moods
02. Nostradamus
03. Slave Driver
04. Vain Imagining
05. Takin It All
06. Love Is The Song I Sing
07. Sunday Morning
08. The Bait
09. Pick Up
10. The Pack
11. Set Us Free

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