Dillinger Whit The Roots Radics & We The People Band - Join The Queue (1983)




Backed By: Roots Radics, We The People Band
Bass: Flabba Holt, Lloyd Parks
Drums: Style Scott, Santa Davis
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pickney, Andy
Rythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny, Bo Peep
Keyboards: Steely Johnson, Frankie Bubbler Waul

Produced By: Dillinger
Recorded At: Joe Gibbs, Channel One
Engineered By: Trinnie Palmer, Errol Thompson

01 - Jennifer Naud
02 - Just Be Nice
03 - Mr Mickie
04 - Rub A Dub Anthem
05 - Please Officer
06 - Duddle Oley
07 - Join The Queue
08 - Know Me So Good
09 - Papa Can't Help You
10 - Johnny Raker

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