Triston Palma - Joker Smoker [1982] (2008)




Backed By: Roots Radics
Bass: Flabba
Drums: Style
Rythm GUITAR: Dwight
Horns: Dean Fraser, Nambo
Piano: Steely
Organ: Gladdy
Percussion: Sticky

Produced By: Hkrumah Jah Thomas
Recorded At: Channel One
Mixed By: Soljie

01. Innocent Man
02. Babylon
03. Give Me Your Love
04. Lonely Man
05. Got To Praise Jah Jah
06. Joker Smoker
07. Peace And Love In The Ghetto
08. Two Timer
09. Ghetto King
10. Lover Man
11. Give Me A Chance
12. Time So Hard
13. Give I Girl
14. Joker Smoker (12" Mix)

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