Triston Palmer - Showcase In A Roots Radics Drum And Bass (1982)




Bass: Flabba
Drums: Style
Lead Guitar: Dwight Sowell
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy
Horns: Deadly Headley, Dean Fraser, Nambo & Friends
Piano: Gladdy
Organ: Steele, Winston Wright
Percussion: Sky Juice

Produced By: Jah Thomas
Recorded At: Channel One, King Tubbys
Mixed At: Channel One, King Tubbys
Engineered By: Barnabas, King Tubby, Scientist, Professor

01. Miserable Woman (Drum And Bass To Your Face)
02. Give Me A Chance (Drum And Bass Have Taste)
03. Sandra (Drum And Bass Can't Waste)
04. The Girl I Love (Drum And Bass To Any Waist)
05. Time So Hard (Drum And Bass Any Place)
06. Run Around Woman (Drum And Bass To The Race)

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