J.C. Lodge - To The Max (1993)



Bached By: Sly & Robbie, Clevie, Danny, Clive Hunt

Produced By: Errol O'Meally & JC Lodge for Imago Ltd, Tappa Zukie
Recorded At: Mixing Lab, Leggo, CRS, Anchor
Mixed By: Fatta Marshall, Steven Stanley
Mixed At: Mixing Lab
Engineered By: Fatta Marshall, Bravo, Paul Hussey, Delroy Harrison

01. Activate Me
02. Between The Sheets
03. How'd Ya Like That Baby
04. Love You To The Max
05. Trust Me
06. Save The Talk (For Later)
07. I Am Someone
08. Crysis
09. I Just Can't Forget You
10. Where You Belong
11. Loving You
12. Hold On To Your Faith (with Glen Ricks)
13. Live & Active (with Don Yute)

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