Johnny Clarke - No Woman No Cry (1975)



Musicians: Agrovators
Bass: Robert Shakespeare, George Fulwood
Drums: Carlton Davis, Carton Barrett, Brother Benbow
Lead Guitar: Earl Smith
Organ: Ossie Hibbert, Ian Winter, Augustus Pablo
Piano: Bernard Harvey, Augustus Pablo
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Aston Barrett, Brother Bogga, Brother Morris, Tony Chin

Mixed by: King Tubby
Prodcuced by: Bunny Lee

01. Sugar, You Are Mine
02. It's A Rainy Night In Georgia
03. In The Roots Of The Ghetto
04. Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
05. Don't Cry My Baby
06. I Hold The Handle
07. No Woman No Cry
08. Hold On
09. Out Of Sight
10. Give Me The Right To Say You Are Mine
11. Girl Of My Dreams
12. Judge No Man

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