Johnny Clarke - Originally Mr. Clarke (1980)



Backing Vocals: Brad Osbourne, Towerchanters
Bass: Robbie, Familyman
Drums: Santa, Sly
Lead Guitar: Chinna, Jah T
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Jah T
Horns: Clive Hunt, Tommy McCook, Lennox Brown
Piano: Clive Hunt, Glen Adams, Touter
Organ: Glen Adams, Clive, Winston Wright
Percussion: Brad Osbourne
Flute: Brad Osbourne

Produced By: Brad Osbourne, Johnny Clarke
Recorded at: Channel One, King Tubby's, Artcraft, Shep Studio
Mixed at: King Tubby's, Shep Studio, Blank Tape Studio
Engineered By: Scientist, Brad Osbourne, Shep, Bob Blank

01. Bad Day's Are Going (disco cut)
02. Jah Jah We Are Waiting
03. Every Knee Shall Bow
04. Fittest Of The Fittest
05. Our Father In Zion
06. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
07. Moving On To Zion
08. It A Disgrace
09. It A Go Rough
10. Blood Dunza (Different Style)

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