Kofi - Friday's Child (1994)




Vocals: Kofi, John McClean
Backing Vocals: Kofi, Black Steel, Pauline Catlin, Brown Sugar
Bass: Preacher, Black Steel, Philip Linton, Eddie Brown, Kofi
Drums: Robotiks, Mad Professor, Preacher, Black Steel
Guitar: Black Steel, Norman Wisdom
Keyboards: Asher, Victor Cross, Black Steel, Fish

Produced By: Mad Professor
AtRecorded : Ariwa
Mixed By: Mad Professor
Mixed At: Ariwa
Engineered By: Mad Professor, Demondo, Norman Wisdom

01. Brown Baby
02. Things May Come
03. Mrs. Jones
04. I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks
05. Coming Down To See Me
06. Don't Ask My Neighbours
07. I'm Still In Love With you
08. Place In The Sun
09. I'm So Proud
10. Losing Time For Love
11. Baby Dub
Play song Neighbourhood Watch Dub12. Neighbourhood Watch Dub

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