Tamlins - No Surrender (1995)



Bass: Robbie
Drums: Sly
Guitar: Gitsy, Freddie Fat String
Horns: Dean Fraser, David Madden, Harold Butler
Piano: Keith Sterling
Synthesizer: Handel Tucker, Chris Meredith

Produced By: Jimi Hines & Carlton Hines for Artistic Productions
Recorded At: Music Works
Mixed By: Bulby York, Fatta Marshall, Steven Stank, Dr. Marshall
Mixed At: Music Works

01. Brand New
02. I'm Sorry
03. Have You Been Lying
04. Love You Baby
05. Next Dance
06. No Surrender
07. You And Me
08. Rentman
09. Trying
10. Most Of All
11. Bye My Love
12. Why Surrender (With Zarro)

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