Blaak Lung - To The Souls From Old (2005)



01. The Coming of the Blaak
02. To The Souls From Old
03. Tell the Youth the Truth (Feat. Soul Rebel)
04. Judgment Day (Feat. N4SA)
05. What a Lovely Day (Feat. Turbulence)
06. The Light Shadow
07. Joy (Feat. Alreca Smith)
08. Why Should I Cry (Feat. Andrew Tosh)
09. The Good Things in Life
10. I am that I am (Feat. Mahnassi Three)
11. Whosoever (Feat. Mahad Mahan)
12. Illusion
13. Never Give Up (Feat. Dugsy Ranks)
14. No More Wanderer
15. Change Song
16. Many more Roads (Feat. Dugsy Ranks)
17. Epilogue (by Doc Mr. Street Vital)
18. I Blaak Lung

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