The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Dub (1998)




Bass: Robbie, Val Douglas
Drums: Boo Richards, Horsemouth, Sly, Devon Richardson
Guitar: Mikey Chung, Chinna, Carlton Manning
Keyboards: Geoffrey Chung, Clive Hunt, Tyrone Downie, Pablo Black, Boo Richards
Horns: Clive Hunt, Jerome Francique, Llewellyn Chang, Cedric Brooks, Bobby Ellis, Herman Marquis
Percussion: Bongo Herman, Les
Flute: Clive Hunt

Produced By: Abyssinians
Recorded At: Harry J, Joe Gibbs, Federal
Remixed By: Karl Pitterson, Bunny Tom Tom
Remixed At: Hollywood Studios (Miami)

01. Declaration Of Dub (New Version)
02. Good Lord Dub
03. Zion I
04. Know Jah Dub
05. Dub Abendigo
06. Y Mas Gan Dub
07. Meditation In Dub
08. Thunderstorm (Satta Massagana Dub)
09. I And I Dub
10. African Dub
11. Mark Of The Dub
12. Peculiar Dub
13. Reasonable Dub
14. There Is No End

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