Sammy Dread - Stronger Than Before (1997)




Bass: Lloyd Parkes, Fully, Robbie
Drums: Sly, Santa, Boo Richards, Horsemouth
Guitar: Bingy, Willie Lindo, Bo Peep, Tony Chin
Keyboards: Bubbler Waul, Winston Wright
Horns: Dirty Harry, Tommy McCook, Nambo, Chico, Vin Gordon, Dean Fraser, herman Marquis
Percussion: Sticky, Ruddy Thomas

Produced By: Rocky Gibbs, Joe Gibbs, Errol Thompson
Recorded At: Joe Gibbs, Sir Tommy's
Engineered By: Errol Thompson, Rocky Gibbs

01. Blessed Assurance
02. I Found My True Love
03. Sparring Partner
04. Stronger (Than Before)
05. Life Is Just For Living
06. No More Will I Roam
07. Weed Of Wisdom
08. They Been Talking
09. Deliver Me (From My Enemies)
10. Dreadlocks Man
11. Stuck In The System
12. Twilight Lover
13. Desperate Way Of Living
14. Come Over Here My Lover
15. Combination
16. My Black Princess

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